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Automate, track and optimize your greatest resource – your employees

An advanced time and attendance management and monitoring system, Priority’s Time & Attendance module is fully integrated into Priority ERP, and easily accessed from any mobile device or tablet. With the number of off-site employees on the rise, others dispersed around the globe in various locations, and the surge in remote working, Priority’s mobile time and attendance app enables employees and managers to conveniently access the system from any location, at any time, with real-time reporting, monitoring and analytics of employee/team attendance, sick leave, planned vacation days, and more.

Benefit from real-time visibility and easy access on-the-go

Priority’s Time & Attendance module offers value-added tools and functionality to effectively manage numerous processes in real time, either on-premise or in the cloud. An advanced time and attendance management system, Priority Time & Attendance is conveniently available via an easy-to-use mobile application, accessible from any mobile device or tablet, with real-time access and attendance reporting for employees, and robust monitoring, planning and analysis tools for company management, and for multi-site and multi-company organizations.

Priority Time & Attendance seamlessly integrates and syncs with actual industry time clocks, making your organization’s attendance tracking, management and reporting, easy and accurate. Your company’s managers can instantly view and approve employee timesheets, track hours worked, manage time off, forward relevant time and labor data directly to Priority’s payroll system, build accrual rules and track accruals (vacation/sick days), set up job and/or department codes, and design and print real-time reports on work hours, accruals, cost code use, and absence or lateness summaries.

Simply put, greater system control and accuracy reduces human error, saves valuable time and resources, and contributes to enhanced employee satisfaction.

Accurate, reliable and fully-automated time and attendance management

  • Real-time reports and analytics

  • Customize system to your needs

  • Multi-location/ company management

  • Robust analysis/planning tools

  • Measure resource allocation/use

  • Easy-to-use mobile app

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