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Priority payment systems

A fully integrated end-to-end customer payment solution, the Priority Payments module combines advanced payment functionalities with smart tools to streamline customer payment via credit card, and other means of payment, from any platform, desktop or mobile. This includes credit card clearing, (one-time transactions or standing orders), Click2Pay*, the ability for end-customers to pay directly from an invoice our customers send them, or from a dedicated, intuitive, and easy-to-use Payments Portal.

Priority Payments - Automated payment management and control

Payment handling is an integral part of your sales process, but it shouldn’t take up your time and resources. With the Priority Payments module, your organization will benefit from fast and easy ways to streamline payment processing, to help optimize your cash flow, eliminate errors, and enhance the customer experience, with a range of automated and secure payment options.

Priority Payments is a secure, fully integrated end-to-end customer payment solution, with smart tools to efficiently manage customer payment via credit cards, and other means of payment. Easily accept and clear both local and international credit card payments directly from Priority – all with a simple click!

In addition to credit cards, with Priority Payments, you can receive payments via alternative payment options, including PayPal and ACH. Priority Payments is not only available in Priority’s standard web interface, but also accessible to sales teams in the field via Priority’s Mobile ERP app.

Highlights & Benefits

  • Accept credit card payments directly within Priority

  • Supports all brands of credit cards

  • Intuitive dashboard to monitor transactions and payouts

  • A one-stop shop - all services granted by a single vendor, including
    merchant, gateway, funding, e-commerce plugins, and more

  • Fast and easy setup from within Priority

  • Recurring billing with tokens

  • Multiple payment platforms: Click2Pay, Mobile, Payments Portal

  • Service available for: US, Canada, EU, Mexico, Australia, and Israel

*Powered by PayMe, responsible for overall process, clearing, and data

All the tools you need to streamline your payment processes

  • All your processing needs in one location

  • Take it wherever your business goes

  • Not only credit cards

  • Random sales or standing orders

  • Collect anywhere or simply get paid

  • Your payments are safe!

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