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Enrich the customer experience and build customer loyalty

A fully integrated end-to-end customer service module, Priority ERP enables you to deliver goods to customers faster, improve productivity, and implement inventory control. Priority Customer Service helps fosters better customer communication through reliable lead, opportunity, and quote tracking, all the tools you need to engage with your customers, and deliver fast and efficient service and support.

Full support for your most valuable business asset – your customers

Priority’s Customer Service module helps you build, strengthen and maintain your most valuable business asset – your customers. At Priority, we understand the importance of reliable customer service, and how it can be a defining factor in your business success.

The fully integrated customer service module helps your organization to maximize opportunities, and retain high-value customers to enhance revenues and profit, by organizing and automating the entire customer experience through quick problem resolution. Priority ERP gives you a holistic view of your customers, with real-time visibility and tracking of sales orders, physical distribution of goods, billing, and invoicing. Priority tools enable company management to process sales forecasts, orders, plan shipping schedules, and more, to deliver goods on time – and on budget.

Customer issues and queries can be reported by the customer via Priority‘s Customer Service web portal, or by your service & support teams, using Priority‘s Call Center reporting functionality. Call center reps can keep track of open service calls, call assignment, escalation status, related communications with the customer, and follow-up calls, to enhance the customer experience, and delivery quality and timely service and support.

Simplify complex customer service & support processes

  • Control and optimize customer lifecycle

  • Access real-time customer information

  • Real-time reports and analytics

  • Automate customer service center

  • Facilitate customer retention

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