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Automate and accelerate your financial operations

Priority‘s Financial Management module is an end-to-end financial management solution that combines advanced financial functionalities with smart tools to power strategic financial decisions, automate financial processes, and ultimately, reduce operational expenses.

Controlling Your Business at its Core

Priority‘s Financial Management module provides organizations with a comprehensive set of tools to automate and manage your entire financial operations, while maintaining a high level of regulatory compliance. The Financials module can process and report multi-company and multi-currency financial data, and can be easily customized to comply with local tax jurisdictions or set of accounting rules.

The module supports multiple revenue recognition methods, handles billing and fixed assets, payments to vendors, fixed assets, cash management, cost and budget control, human resources, and project management. Your business will also benefit from the module’s integration with Priority’s built-in BPM for tight financial control, a log of changes to financial transactions, digital banking, and an advanced Financial Statement Generator, all accompanied by a fully integrated customizable financial reporting tool, and BI utility.

Now, you can view and track business performance in real time, gain valuable insights and forecast results, improve visibility, and make better-informed financial business decisions. From integrating data from multiple departments and multiple companies, to managing risk and tracking performance with auditable business processes and analytics, Priority‘s financials module will maximize your financial management capabilities, to help you maintain, strengthen, and grow your business.

Full financial visibility, where it matters most

  • Real-time reports and analytics

  • Integrated planning/budgeting tools

  • Manage multiple subsidiaries/sites

  • Tight control over banking/cash flow

  • Simplify complex purchasing processes

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