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Manage, control and accelerate your sales

Priority’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) & Sales module manages and controls opportunity pipelines, customer relations, and sales forecasts, to enhance your company’s interaction with current and potential customers, and ultimately, drive sales growth. With Priority ERP, you can efficiently manage customer data, lead generation, opportunity and account management, sales & order targets, target & forecast analysis, and more.

Advanced ERP solutions to increase sales and your bottom line

Priority‘s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module helps drive sales to maximize your business growth by enabling sales teams to optimize daily schedules and prioritize tasks, enhance customer service, facilitate discovery of new customers, boost effective cross- and up-selling of products, simplify your sales and marketing processes, and more.

Priority CRM consists of two components, marketing automation to manage marketing efforts and pipelines, and Sales Force Automation (SFA) to manage sales reps and channels. Your business will benefit from Priority’s comprehensive customer lifecycle management, from generating leads, to recording price quotes and sales orders, shipping the order, receiving payment, and handling service calls, and repeat orders. Additional customer management tools enable you to track sales performance and order management, including a full suite of customer-related information, including financial, logistical and operational data.

Simplify complex sales and marketing processes

  • Control and optimize sales lifecycle

  • Real-time business insights

  • Maximize growth by prioritizing tasks

  • Automate/allocate resource timetables

  • Boost cross- and up-selling of products

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