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Manufacturing ERP Software

Priority’s dedicated ERP manufacturing software offers world-class capabilities that drive digital transformation for smart & agile manufacturing operations, adapted for Industry 4.0.

Priority Manufacturing ERP modules give businesses a holistic view of their production facility, so they can optimize manufacturing performance, run leaner operations, boost analysis to keep up with the industry’s changing rigors, strengthen customer loyalty, and increase their bottom line.

Manufacturing Production Software

Specifically designed for manufacturers, Priority delivers a complete, cloud based manufacturing ERP software, empowering manufacturers with valuable business insights, a 360o real-time view of the production facility, performance tracking and enhancement capabilities, using a wide range of reports and analytics to help optimize operations, improve visibility and remove inefficiencies. Benefit from greater system agility, with faster response times to shifting market conditions and order demands, and significantly lower costs by keeping tighter control of materials, machines, and work hours.

Priority’s streamlined manufacturing processes lead to better, more informed decision-making. Built on a single platform, the ERP manufacturing software's automated processes empower seamless and immediate synchronization between units, preventing delays and errors, from engineering to production. With Priority’s advanced planning and control capabilities, manufacturers can easily manage complex and critical SCM processes.

Priority supports the next revolution in digital manufacturing management, including IoT, AI and advanced robotics, with a dedicated REST API and a wide variety of innovative tools. The results? a super-flexible ERP for manufacturing company that delivers powerful integrations, increased productivity, and profitability.

Priority gives manufacturers a real competitive edge

  • Full visibility of product lines across the top floor and shop floor

  • Improved agility/response times

  • Seamless workflow synchronization

  • Real-time alerts at every stage

  • Simplify all your complex processes

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