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Manage, control and track your customer projects

Priority’s Project Management module delivers all the tools you need to efficiently manage and control customer projects, including comprehensive project planning and tracking, resource management, and costing, backed by supporting task interdependencies within or between projects, to reduce operational costs and seamlessly integrate processes across your organization.

Simple solutions for complex business processes

If your business is looking for greater flexibility and productivity, while meeting fast-changing industry and market challenges, then you need the tools that will help you visualize, manage and control your projects across your organization.

Priority’s comprehensive project management module includes project planning and tracking, resource management, and costing tools to support task interdependencies within or between projects. A wide range of project management tools, Priority ERP offers activity-related reporting of labor & expenses and a built-in BPM to track and maintain project progression, while team collaboration is facilitated by linking each task to its related project and activity.

Benefit from Priority ERP’s range of fully-integrated tools to help accelerate project efficiency, timely delivery to your customers, and seamlessly manage your projects and your teams – all from a single platform. Priority’s flexible and scalable project management solutions will help support your vision and business objectives, with cost estimates and project timetables, milestone tracking, delivery schedules, proposals, contract management and reviews, and more.

Automate and accelerate project turnaround time

  • Manage entire project lifecycle

  • Real-time reports and analytics

  • Simplify complex processes

  • Accountability w/ integrated financials

  • Automate timetables and resources

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