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Secure File Transfer System
Your secure solution for file and data exchange



In today's reality, ensuring protection of data shared on the internet only with user name and password is not enough.

Hacker attacks are too advanced to rely on just passwords to keep our data safe. We believe that the right approach for ensuring data safety is to obstruct the hackers as much as possible. Led by this beliefs we took the best data security practices and information security standards and used those to create a secure solution where you can exchange your files safely.

File transfer system has build in mechanisms for two factor authentication for end user identification and IP restrictions for internal users and administrators. The system has automated data handling logic which ensures that no data is present and accessible after its expiration date is reached.


Despite its complexity the system has a simple intuitive interface which makes the system very easy to work with.





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Priority Software

Enterprise Resource Planning solution for every business



Priority is the leading ERP software solution for thousands of companies worldwide, offering them a comprehensive, flexible, and affordable way to manage and grow their business. With targeted solutions for a broad spectrum of industries, Priority comprises all the core functions you need to run your growing business, including administration, financial accounting, sales, purchasing, customer relationship management, manufacturing, logistics, human resource management, reporting, and more.

Priority can be easily adapted to specific organizational processes and needs, including multiple languages, currencies, and companies. The system also adjusts to individual users, offering different screens and options for different people and roles. Users enjoy a high level of customization and personalization options so that everyone’s unique needs are met.


Priority is offered in the cloud (SaaS) or as an on-premise installation.


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